Our Calendar


Birth Flower – Rose
Weekly Celebrations and Observances:
Step Parent’s Week, National Fishing Week, email Week, Forgiveness Week, Take Your Pet to Work Week, Little League Week, Nursing Assistant’s Week, Universal Father’s Week, Helen Keller  Deaf – Blindness Awareness Week, Amateur Radio Week, Special Education Week, International Volunteer’s Week
Monthly Celebrations and Observances:
Candy Month, Rose Month and Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, Graduation Month, Hamburger Month, Flower Month and Egg Month, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, Send A Rose Month, Graduation Month, Hamburger Month, Flower Month, Candy Month, Rose Month, Egg Month
Donut Day June 1
Tennessee Statehood Day June 1
Kentucky Statehood Day June 1
Yell “Fudge” at Cobras Day June 2
Festival of Utter Confusion Day June 2
Tattoo Day June 3
Repeat Day June 3
Egg Day June 3
Cancer Survivor’s Day June 3
Frozen Yogurt Day June 4
Cheese Day June 4
World Environment Day June 5
D-Day (Display U.S. Flag) June 6
Cake Day June 6
Bonza Bottler Day June 6
Chocolate Ice Cream Day June 7
Best Friend’s Day June 8
World Ocean’s Day June 8
Yo Yo Day June 9
Children’s Day June 10
Philippines Independence Day June 12
Juggling Day June 13
Kitchen Klutzes of America Day June 13
Flag Day (Display the U.S. Flag) June 14
Smile Power Day June 15
Fly A Kite Day June 15
A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed Day June 15
*Father’s Day  (Observed the third Sunday in June) June
Juneteenth (U.S. Emancipation Proclamation 1863) June 19
Sauntering Day June 19
Vanilla Milkshake Day June 20
Bald Eagle Day June 20
West Virginia Day June 20
Cuckoo Warning Day June 21
Chocolate Eclair Day June 22
Auto Race Day June 22
Discovery Day (Canada) June 23
St. Jean Baptiste Day (France – Canada) June 24
Take Your Pet To Work Day June 24
Teddy Bear Day June 24
America’s Kid’s Day June 24
Strawberry Parfait Day June 25
Independence Day in Slovenia, Croatia and Mozambique June 25
Beautician’s Day June 26
Rose Day June 26
Columnist’s Day June 26
Captain Kangaroo’s Birthday June 27
Frozen Yogurt Day June 27
Cheese Day June 27
Helen Keller’s Birthday June 27
Happy Birthday to the Happy Birthday Song Day June 27
Gettysburg Civil War Heritage Day June 28
Panama Canal Day June 29
*Gay and Lesbian Pride Day (International) (Observed the last Sunday in June) June
Sky Day June 30
Ice Cream Soda Day June 30
Log Cabin Day June 30
Superman’s Birthday June 30



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