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Birth Flower – Marigold
October is:
Caramel Month, Cookie Month, Dinosaur Month, E-Card Month, Fired Up Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, AIDS Awareness Month, Clergy Appreciation Month, Pregnancy and Infant Awareness Month,  Roller Skating Month, Sarcastics Month, Stamp Collecting Month and Vegetarian Awareness Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th thru October 15th) and National Disability Employment Awareness Month,  AIDS Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Caramel Month,  Clergy Appreciation Month,  Cookie Month, Dinosaur Month, Eat Country Ham Month, eCard Month, Fall Fired Up Month, Gay & Lesbian History Month, Pregnancy & Infant Awareness, Pretzel Month, Pumpkin Festival, Rollerskating Month, Sarcastics Awareness Month, Stamp Collecting Month, Vegetarian Awareness Month
*Vegetarian Day October 1
World Habitat Day October 2
Techies Day October 3
*Yom Kippur October
Toot Your Flute Day October 4
St. Francis Day October 4
*Child Health Day (Observed the first Monday in October) October
Intergeneration Day (Observed the 1st Sunday in October) October
Global Learn Day October 8
Leif Erikson Day October 9
Tuxedo Day October 10
Bonza Bottler Day October 10
Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Day October 11
General Casimir Pulaski Day (Father of the American Cavalry) October 11
Emergency Nurses Day October 11
Columbus (Actual) October 12
Train Your Brain Day October 13
Frustration Scream Day October 13
*National Children’s Day  (Celebrated the 2nd Sunday in October) October
*Columbus Day   October 12
*Thanksgiving (Canada) (Celebrated the 2nd Monday in October) October
Be Bald and Be Free Day October 14
White Cane Safety Day October 15
National Boss’s Day    October 16
School Librarian Day October 16
*Sweetest Day  (Celebrated the 3rd Saturday in October) October
National Heroes Day October 19
Timothy Leary’s Birthday October 22
Franz Liszt’s Birthday (1881) October 22
National Mole Day October 23
TV Talk Show Host Day October 23
International Forgiveness Day October 24
United Nations Day    October 24
*Ramadan  October
*Mother-In-Law Day (Celebrated the 4th Sunday in October) October
National Music Day Pump up the volume on the National Music Day! Today is the day to just sit back and relax listening to your favorite songs. Whatever your style is, have fun with it! October 27
Make A Difference Day October 28
Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthday (1860) (Founder of the Girl Scouts)  October 31
Trick or Treat ~ It’s Halloween October 31

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